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Thank you for checking out my portrait commission page. Before submitting an order please read below carefully.


All my portraits are drawn by hand with traditional media (charcoal, graphite, and conte). Drawing a portrait usually takes between 6 - 12 hours for a single head depending on the complexity of the image. 


  • When submitting a photo reference, submit one that has the clearest resolution possible, as this makes it easier to see details, however, I have drawn from high school yearbook photos and tin-types. Photos that have clear directional lighting will have the best results.

  • Pick a size. This is for the drawing alone. Framing is not included. 

  • Pick your preferred medium. If you are unsure, I can give you suggestions based on your photo. 

  • Email me your photo.

  • Expect at least 1 month to complete the project from the day your order comes in, to the day it arrives in the mail. 

  • If you would like a double portrait (or more) contact me via email and I will give you a quote. 

9 x 12: $500
11 x 14: $600
12 x 16: $700
16 x 20: $900
18 x 24: $1100

Pricing reflects one head per portrait image. Contact me for pricing on more than one portrait in a single image.
Old Man, Pastel on Paper, 16x20.JPG

Excellent for soft diffused lighting common in older photographs.

Ideal for dramatic lighting. Best suited for dark moody drawings.
Red Conte:

Ideal for a historic look.

Order a Portrait

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